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We are into Designing Manufacturing and Exporting PET Recycling System, which is engineered with precision to match the high industrial standards. We offer wash line equipment with total design. We provide the layout details / drawing along with the design to the clients. The Pet Recycling System is widely used for recycling pet bottles by converting used bottles into flakes.

Pet bottle recycling plant

The technical/technological knowledge and ´know-how´ guarantee that MAGWELL maintains its very high competitiveness and contribute to consolidate the image of the group and grant the most complete plant reliability.


SN Equipment name
1 Belt conveyer
2 Shredder(double shaft)
3 Screw conveyor
4 Hot Floating washer
5 Dirty draining screw
6 Screw conveyor
7 Crusher(with water)
8 Screw conveyor
9 High speed friction washing machine
10 Screw conveyor
11 Floating washing
12 Dirty draining screw
13 Screw conveyor
14 Dewatering machine
15 Drying system
16 Storage hopper
17 Electric elements



Belt conveyor:

The Belt Conveyor is used for transferring material in bulk or container. The belt conveyor is widely used in the industry of mining, building materials, metallurgy, coal and so on. Users can not only transport material with one conveyor or several conveyors, but also can transport with a horizontal/slope transfer system that made up by this kind of conveyors and other conveyors so that can meet the request of different working conditions. It can transport materials in large quantity. It is simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, superior quality.

Twin shaft shredder:

The working principle of the shredder is based on counter-rotating shafts. The main and the secondary shaft are supplied with exchangeable cutters and is moved by a direct current motor over a reducing gear unit with different numbers of revolutions, running in an oil-bath. All machines are supplied with automatic reverse and overload as well as with a thermal motor protection.

Screw Conveyor:

Screw conveyor rotating helical blade for screw conveyor passage of the material transported, so that the material does not rotate together with the screw conveyor blades is the material force of its own weight and the frictional resistance of the material handling conveyor chassis. Rotating shaft screw conveyor spiral welded blades, blade face delivery of materials based on a solid surface different type, belt type face, leaves and other types of face. Screw conveyor screw axis in the direction of movement of the material with the thrust bearing to the terminal with the material to spiral axial reaction force, the captain longer, should

Pet flakes floating washing tank:

The PET flakes floating washing tank is made of SS304 It is mainly used to float scraps of labels, caps and rings, and sink the flakes to the bottom, then, the floating materials will be pushed out by washer rollers on the top of the tank, and the PET flakes will be washed can conveyed forward by the single or double screw at the bottom.

Hot washing,friction and rinse section:

This section is to make PET bottle flakes more pure. It mainly relies on the three washing forces: mechanical, chemical and thermal power, after hot washing in the hot washing machine with detergent, after the friction of the high-speed friction machine, and rinsing with clean water in the rinse machining, completely remove impurities in the bottle flakes, such as glue, medicinal liquid and other impurities


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