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Vibratory Motor.

MAGWELL Vibration motor excitation force is high efficiency, energy consumption is small, low noise and long life. Vibration motor is power and vibration source of combination of excitation source, vibration motor is installed in the rotor shaft at each end of a group of adjustable eccentric block, using axle and eccentric block high-speed rotating produce centrifugal force get excitation force. It can be applied to general vibratory machines, such as: vibration sieve crusher, extension, vibration falling pressure-blasting machine.

Vibratory Motor


  • The complete stress relieved MS-cast Iron body (Heavy Duty)
  • Winding Class F Insulation type
  • Power Connection: 3 Ph, 415V, 50Hz. A.C. Supply
  • Standard bearing series are over dimensional in relation to the high speed and stain of strong load to offer increased operational reliability
  • Drive shaft is made of EN 8 Material of tested quality in order to with stain high torque depending on centrifugal force is achieved
  • Steel Unbalanced Counter weight fixed at both side of the Motor with the provision for regulation of the oscillation from zero to maximum Vibratory force by easy adjustment
  • Field operation temperature :- Vibratory motor are design to work from -300 to + 500 Temperature continuously at maximum centrifugal force

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