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Bucket Elevator.


MAGWELL Bucket elevator with large throughput, great enhancing – height, stable and reliable operation, long life and other significant advantages .It is applicable to transport packing density of less than 1.5t/m3, easy to take out the powder, granular, small block of low-mill cut materials, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer, food and so on. Hybrid-type or gravity discharge, earth-type loading.

Bucket Elevator

Dragging device:

  • Rubber belt: The belt is wider than the hopper 35-40mm. Normal belt conveys material with temperature less than 60?. Heat-resisting belt can convey material with temperature reaching 150?
  • Chain: single chain is connected onto the back wall of hopper, double chains connect with the two sides of hopper. When the width of hopper of chain elevator is 160?2500mm, should use single chain, when is 320?630mm, should use double chains, the main demerits are abrasion between chain links are large, which increases the repairing times

Working Principle:

A centrifugal discharge elevator may be vertical or inclined. Vertical elevators depend entirely on the action of centrifugal force to get the material into the discharge chute and must be run at speeds relatively high. Inclined elevators with buckets spaced apart or set close together may have the discharge chute set partly under the head pulley. Since they don’t depend entirely on the centrifugal force to put the material into the chute, the speed may be relatively lower.

Nearly all centrifugal discharge elevators have spaced buckets with rounded bottoms. They pick up their load from a boot, a pit, or a pile of material at the foot pulley. The buckets can be also triangular in cross section and set close to on the belt with little or no clearance between them.

The Current construction of bucket elevator uses a rubber belt with plastic buckets. Pulleys several feet in diameter are used at the top and bottom. The top pulley is driven by an electric motor. The bucket elevator is the enabling technology that permitted the construction of grain elevators. A diverter at the top of the elevator allows the grain to be sent to the chosen bin.

Features :

  • Low driving power, inflow feeding, induction unloading, high-volume hopper intensive arrangement
  • Wide lifting range, little materials type and property requirement can not only lift general powder and granule materials, but also lift high polishing materials
  • Good running reliability, the advanced design principle and handling method assure reliability of whole machine running, the non-fault time exceed 20 thousand hours. Stable running make it reach higher lifting height

The bucket elevator applies to vertically transport powder, granular, and small lumps which is bulk materials, such as grain, coal, cement, crushed ore and so on. The maximum height is 40m.


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