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Eddy current Separator.

MAGWELL Eddy Current Separators are designed to separate non-ferrous conducting metals.

The Eddy Current system consists of a short belt conveyor. The ECS rotor, which is fitted at the discharge end of the conveyor, is constructed using a high-intensity rare earth magnet system and sits inside a non-metallic rotor shell. The rotor, when spinning at high speed produces eddy current into conducting metals which produces a magnetic field, then opposes that of the rotor, repelling non-ferrous metals. The remaining materials free-fall over the rotor, separating them from the repelled materials.

Eddy current SeparatorEddy current Separator


  • Heavy-Duty Bearings and Motors
  • High Quality Motor Controls and Drives
  • Heavy Duty Urethane Belt
  • Side Skirts to Confine Product to Belt
  • High Powered Neodymium-Iron- Boron Magnets
  • Different type and size magnetic rotor designs


  • 98% recovery of aluminum cans from commingled recyclables
  • Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass from shredder residue and fluff
  • Non-ferrous metal recovery in refuse streams and ash streams in Waste-to-Energy facilities
  • Separation of non-ferrous chips
  • Aluminum scrap recovery in foundry sand Reclamation
  • Extract aluminum beverage cans from either pre-sorted or mixed refuse

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