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Coolant Magnetic Separator.

MAGWELL Magnetic Coolant separator provides a simple and automatic cleaning design using powerful magnet material in the core of it’s drum, which is partially submerged in the liquid. The magnetic field passes through the coolant flow, so that all of the liquid comes in contact with the high intensity magnetic field. Ferrous contaminant attaches itself to the rotating drum where it is being continuously cleaned by a profiled scraper. The contaminant is pushed along the scraper until it falls into a bin. As the contaminant is pushed along the scraper it compresses and any excess liquid drains back into the tank leaving the solids almost dry.

Coolant Magnetic Separator


  • Essential cleaning unit for iron particles from re-circulating coolant in Grinding machines
  • Capable of continuous removal of ferromagnetic contamination
  • Powerful permanent magnet rotates attracting fine iron particles from coolant flow
  • Spring loaded rubber roller squeezes and drop back the coolant in tank
  • Ron sledges are removed by scraper blade which can be adjusted
  • These can be easily disassembled for maintenance
  • Supplied complete with driving gear/motor assembly
  • Generally made with Strontium ferrite magnets, can also be made with Rare Earth NdFEB magnets


  • For cleaning of cutting oils, coolant.
  • Most suitable for all types of surface, cylindrical grinding machines.
  • Improve finish of grinded components.

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