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Magnetic Lifter.

MAGWELL Permanent Magnetic Lifter is high performance ferromagnetic work piece lifter system with strong magnetic holding force made from high energy NdFeB permanent magnets. The handle movement changes the magnetic force of the lifter system to achieve hold and release the work piece. There is a steel ring on top of the magnetic lifter for hoisting, and a V-shaped groove at the bottom for holding objects with cylindrical surface. High concentrated and stable magnetic force was assured by super energy magnets, the load factor of safety is 3.5, even if there is big air gap between work piece and lifter, the lifter still can work very well.

Controlled manually by workers through its handle, Magnetic lifters can holding or release different shaped steel metallic working piece directly , like steel plate, steel pipe or disc steel, make it much easier for loading or unloading or moving work piece very, improve efficiency of hoisting works. So MAGWELL permanent magnetic lifter are widely used in factory, warehouse, etc.

Magnetic Lifter


  • Use of high-energy magnetic material ensures a compact, lightweight and durable design
  • Maximum Breakaway force is 3:5 times
  • Simple locking switch handle enables safe, quick and easy one-handed operation with no “Kick Back”
  • Very low residual magnetism for quick and efficient handling of work pieces
  • Large shackle top fitting for easy attachment of slings and rigging
  • V slot in bottom lifting face for lifting rounds as well as flats
  • Clear markings of durations for varying
  • shaped work pieces, lifting conditions, air gap, steel thickness etc.
  • Individually fully proof load tested at manufacture

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